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LIVE IEEE PROJECTS Private Limited is a leading IT Service Company, offering a wide array of solutions promoted by a team of young professionals having enormous experience in different domains. We were established to take up the challenging world of IT Development, with the chaste thought of developing software products and satisfying our clients to reach their zenith.
Our fanatical team of researchers working at our labs and developers group focuses on technologies that will be more pertinent for enterprises in the long-term. We always look forward to innovate and come up with novel solutions to benefit our students.

Recent IEEE Projects

Efficient Computation of Range Aggregates against Uncertain Location Based Queries


In many applications, including location based services, queries may not be precise. In this paper, we study the problem of efficiently computing range aggregates in a multidimensional space when the query location is uncertain. Specifically, for a querypoint Q whose location is uncertain and a set S of points in a multi-dimensional space, we want to calculate the aggregate (e.g., count, average and sum) over the subset S_ of S such that for each p ∈ S_, Q has at least probability θ within the distance γ to p.

Policy-by-Example for Online Social Networks


We introduce two approaches for improving privacy policy management in online social networks. First, we introduce a mechanism using proven clustering techniques that assists users in grouping their friends for group based policy management approaches.

Automatic Discovery of Association Orders between Name and Aliases from the Web using Anchor Texts-based Co-occurrences


Many celebrities and experts from various fields may have been referred by not only their personal names but also by their aliases on web. Aliases are very important in information retrieval to retrieve complete information about a personal name from the web, as some of the web pages of the person may also be referred by his aliases. The aliases for a personal name are extracted by previously proposed alias extraction method.

Reliable Re-Encryption in Unreliable Clouds


A key approach to secure cloud computing is for the data owner to store encrypted data in the cloud, and issue decryption keys to authorized users.

Curved-Region-Based Ridge Frequency Estimation and Curved Gabor Filters for Fingerprint Image Enhancement


Fingerprint matching is challenging, as the matcher has to minimize two competing error rates: the False Accept Rate and the False Reject Rate. We propose a novel, efficient, accurate and distortion-tolerant fingerprint authentication technique based on graph representation.

Iris Code Decompression Based on the Dependence between Its Bit Pairs


A method for applying pattern recognition techniques to recognize the identity of a person based on their iris is proposed. Also discussed is a transform of the iris image from two to one dimensional space as Iris code Bit Pairs and overcoming limited data with the generation of synthetic images. In addition to these, the human iris can also be considered a valid biometric feature for personal identification.

Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition by Integrating Multiple Contexts


This paper presents an effective approach for the offline recognition of unconstrained handwritten Chinese texts. Under the general integrated segmentation-and-recognition framework with character oversegmentation, we investigate three important issues: candidate path evaluation, path search, and parameter estimation.

Adaptive Opportunistic Routing for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks


A distributed adaptive opportunistic routing scheme for multihop wireless ad hoc networks is proposed. The proposed scheme utilizes a reinforcement learning framework to opportunistically route the packets even in the absence of reliable knowledge about channel statistics and network model. This scheme is shown to be optimal with respect to an expected average per-packet reward criterion.

Trust modeling in social tagging of multimedia content


Tagging in online social networks is very popular these days, as it facilitates search and retrieval of multimedia content. However, noisy and spam annotations often make it difficult to perform an efficient search. Users may make mistakes in tagging and irrelevant tags and content may be maliciously added for advertisement or self-promotion.

Learn to Personalized Image Search from the Photo Sharing Websites


Increasingly developed social sharing websites, like Flickr and Youtube, allow users to create, share, annotate and comment medias. The large-scale user-generated meta-data not only facilitate users in sharing and organizing multimedia content, but provide useful information to improve media retrieval and management.