Embedded Projects

S.No Embedded IEEE Projects Titles Domain Year
1 Building lighting automation through the integration of DALI with wireless sensor networks Wsn 2013
2 Remote control system of smart appliances based on wireless sensor network Wsn 2013
3 Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a ZigBee Network of Devices and Sensors Zigbee 2013
4 Accessible display design to control home area networks TouchScreen & Bluetooth 2013
5 Research and application of wireless temperature monitoring for transformer substation Wsn 2013
6 Real Time Wireless Monitoring and Control of Water Systems Using Zigbee 802.15.4 Zigbee 2013
7 Application for control of consumers using mobile phone Gsm 2013
8 Design of temperature monitoring system for red wine fermentation based on ZigBee Zigbee 2012
9 Development on Gas Leak Detection and Location System based on ZigBee Zigbee 2012
10 Design and implementation of intelligent urban irrigation system ZigBee modules for sensor networking Zigbee 2012
11 Wireless electronic tourist guide system based on microcontroller wsn 2012
12 Wireless Sensor Network Based Home Monitoring System for Wellness Determination of Elderly Wsn 2012
13 Innovative Cost Effective Approach for Cell Phone Based Remote Controlled Embedded System for Irrigation Gsm 2012
14 Developing a Touchscreen-based Domotic Tool for Users with Motor Disabilities Touchscreen 2012
15 Robot Navigation System with RFID and Sensors Rfid&Robotics 2012
16 Wireless automation using ZigBee protocols Zigbee 2012
17 An Embedded Interface for GSM Based Car Security System Gsm 2012
18 A flexible relay selection technique for Bluetooth scatternet Gsm 2012
19 Navigation system using ZigBee wireless sensor network for parking Zigbee 2012
20 Design and implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared sensor based security system using microcontroller Embedded 2011